Benchmark Social Selling 2023

Grow your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn could be a powerful channel for lead generation and to become top-of-mind amongst leads. Yet only a few are satisfied with the results.

But what if LinkedIn's purpose is completely different from what we all think? Maybe it's not just a marketing channel for push communication, and maybe we should all involve sales and build a rapport from the very beginning. Whatever the reason for the bitter results, Social Selling can help you grow your business with LinkedIn.

Looking for the right approach? Our Social Selling Benchmark provides insights into your opportunities for improvement:

  • How to grow your network rapidly and effectively?
  • How do you start conversations with new contacts on Linkedin?
  • How can you steer towards your desired result?

Get your benchmark

Going through the benchmark takes 8-10 minutes of your time, and it's well worth it. As a token of appreciation, we will send you a personal benchmark to compare your situation to that of competitors. This gives you an instant overview of where opportunities lie for improving or fine-tuning your LinkedIn approach.

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Fresh new brand

You've probably noticed that the expressions that we brought to the Siemens Event look different from the look & feel of the website. 

Not entirely unjustified. Over the past six months, we have worked hard to come up with a new corporate identity. And we will go live on January 30!

Don't miss it. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn to stay up-to-date.
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