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The Dutch business lead generation whitepaper

  • How far ahead are Dutch businesses with the adoption of social selling?
  • Which parts of your content and sales process can you improve?
  • Where do the opportunities lie for growth on LinkedIn?

Sales directors are still quite critical of the maturity of their approach to social selling. Despite the fact that 44% of sales people now use LinkedIn once or more a day, two out of three are not satisfied with the success of their lead generation! These among other insights can be found in our benchmark. This year, the benchmark focuses entirely on social selling.

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Social selling: plenty of room for improvement!

  • 54% indicates that they have the proper content to support sales. However, 72% is still not satisfied with the alignment with other sales and marketing activities.
  • The use of tools and systems to make social selling effective is growing. However, 88% does not yet have a clearly defined social selling strategy.
  • Responding to posts, sending personal messages via chat and scheduling appointments is now used by more than three quarters of the participants.

Read all the results and other insights from professionals. Gain insight into the opportunities of LinkedIn and how to use it for your lead generation.